Add Pages to Passport FAQ

Passport Pages

My passport expires in 2 years but I need additional pages. What should I do?

When this happens, you can add pages or you can ask for an early passport renewal. Doing an early renewal is also recommended if you don’t have any valid visas that you need to use in your passport.

What is the maximum number of pages I can add to my passport at the same time?

The regular additional pages service will add 24 visas pages, but if you travel a lot, you can request 48 pages and it will not cause any additional charges. When filling out your application for these additional pages, you should check the appropriate box.

How many times can I get additional pages added to my passport?

You can get 3-24 additional pages or 2-48 additional pages added to your passport.

Could there be any reason why an application for additional pages can be rejected?

If the State Department sees that your passport isn’t in a good condition, you should get your passport renewed. They will not approve for additional pages if it seems like the seams on your passport might break.


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