Common Passport Application Mistakes To Avoid

passport application mistakes

There are certain mistakes committed by applicants that cause their applications to be delayed, suspended or ultimately rejected. Errors can be detrimental to one’s application process and can cause you to miss your planned travel.

Here are a few tips and reminders to keep in mind to avoid delays in your application:

  • Avoid ANY kind of error – marks other than your required data is strictly prohibited, these marks include cross-outs, superimpositions or white-outs. Prior to writing on your application form, double check all data, this is why filling-up the form online is recommended because you can still make corrections as long as you have not yet printed the form.
  • Birth Certificate – PHOTOCOPY is not accepted. This must be the original or certified true copy which is in long form issued by your state and must contain complete information (parents’ full name)
  • Passport Photos – there are specifications in passport photos and is recommended to be taken by professionals in passport photos because usual errors are committed by applicants trying to take their pictures themselves. Errors that are ground for denial include wrong background color, poor film quality or the head image is too big or too small.
  • Government fee – since check is the main mode of payment, payable to the wrong name or amount written can cause rejection of your application. Make sure that you make your check payable to the “US DEPARTMENT OF STATE”. All kinds of check are accepted (personal, certified, travelers, cashiers) or US Portal money order. If you plan to apply personally, you can pay through credit or debit card, check, cash or money order at the passport agency. Take note that once you have paid the Application fee, it is non-refundable regardless is your passport was issued or not.
  • Applying for a minor – proper notarized consent forms must be presented if one of the parents cannot accompany the child and the other parent.