Expedited Passports Simplified Infographic


It is our goal at Passport.blog to simplify every vital document task that comes your way in life. We have prepared an easy to use infographic you can print or share on how you can expedite your passport in six simple steps.

Expedited Passport Simplified

Who do I use to expedite my passport?

Now that you have read Expedited Passports Simplified it is time to decide if you will have sufficient time to use a Regional Passport Agency to apply for a passport or need to partner with a  registered passport expediting service company. Either option will work, depending upon your travel needs. 

For applicants who have personal or professional commitments during traditional business hours of 9am – 5pm, it is difficult to appear at a regional passport agency as you do need to appear in person and be present for the full day. Potentially you may need to go back the next day and pick up the passport. The best option if you have a busy lifestyle is to use a passport courier service to get the job done.