Expediting a US Passport Application

Expediting US Passport

The quickest and most reliable way to get a passport in a hurry is utilizing a registered passport expediting company.  From start to finish, the passport expediting company will ensure that your passport is processed in the fastest time possible.  Wondering how to utilize a passport expediting company? Our guide will assist you in getting an expedited up passport step-by-step.

  1. Get Instructions and Initiate your Order

Contact your passport expediting company to get a set of instructions for the service needed and to initiate your passport service order.   Some companies have easy online portals to start your request through the internet and some give instructions that you can download from their site.  You can also get instructions for your passport service by calling or e-mailing the expediting company.  These instructions will include a checklist of all the requirements to get your passport.

If you have any inquiries concerning the requirements, you can ask the passport expeditor for more details.

  1. Complete Required Documents

    Expediting US Passport

Follow the checklist carefully to prepare all the documents you need to submit to the passport expediting company.  A Letter of Authorization is one document you need to prepare.  This is a form letter that will be included in your instruction packet, which you should sign in order to give the expediting company authority to present your passport request to the Passport Agency.  The passport expeditor will be unable to get your passport if you do not include the finished, signed Letter of Authorization.

The Letter of Authorization form will have three checkboxes and then a short “Applicant Information” section where you should hand write data in black or blue ink.  Check off the first two checkboxes, if they are not already checked, but do not check the third one.  In the “Applicant Information” section, fill in your full name, telephone number, and date of birth.  On that line that says “Courier Company Name”, hand write the name of the registered passport expeditor as shown on the top of the form.  Sign your full name on the line that says “Applicant Signature”.  If you are working on a passport request for a child under 16, a parent must sign the Letter of Authorization.

  1. Send your Documents to the Passport Expediting Company

Use a delivery service with a tracking number to send your documents, for example, UPS, Federal Express, or USPS Express Mail.  Overnight delivery is recommended.  Some companies will send you a prepaid, pre-addressed air-bill to make this procedure significantly quicker and simpler.

Do not to use Registered of Certified Mail to send your personal documents/records, as these services might be too slow.  First Class Mail (regular mail) should never be used to send passports, as it is both slow and difficult to track if the package goes missing.

  1. The Passport Expediting Company Submits your Application

Once the passport expeditor gets your application packet, they will hand-carry your request to the Passport Agency for expedited service.  When your passport is finished – which could take as fast as 24 hours – they will pick it up from the Passport Agency, check if for precision, and immediately send it back to you by means of reliable delivery service like FedEx.