How to Get a Fast Passport

How to Get A Fast Passport

If you are urgently in need of a fast passport, don’t stress out yourself too much thinking how to get one because there are numerous ways to get a passport – FAST. There are expedited passport services and emergency passport services that can get you a passport as fast as 24 hours, for passports needed in less than 24 hours; there are same day passport services as well. Below we have more information about rush passport applications.

Expedited Passports by Mail

Regular passport application via mail takes 6-8 weeks, but for expedited passport services via mail, you can get your passport in 2-3 weeks time. You will have to pay for an additional $60 for expedited passport service.

Emergency Fast Passport Services at Passport Agencies

For rush passport services, you can personally apply in one of the 26 US Passport Agencies located in major cities across the country. US Passport Agencies make passports on site, therefore, they also offer same day passport services.

Here is a guideline if you wish to apply for a rush passport service at a Passport Agency:

  1. Look for the nearest Passport Agency
  2. Call the National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778 for an appointment
  3. Present flight details reflecting urgent departure date or a life-or-death emergency overseas documents, these are proof of your need for emergency passport service
  4. All required documents for your passport service should be available and presented
  5. You will need to present a proof of identification such as your driver’s license or other valid state-issued identification to be able to enter the Passport Agency

Rush Passport Services Through a Passport Expediting Company

Fast PassportA passport expediting company can help you apply and get a passport through the most convenient and fastest way, they can assist you to obtain a passport as fast as 24 hours. They also have a professional team who can advise you and provide you all the information you need with regards to your passport application. A simple mistake can have your application denied and this is the least thing you need when you are in a rush to get a passport and the best way to avoid such is to be well informed of the Do’s and Don’ts in a fast passport application.

These companies are reliable and all are registered with the US State Department, they are able to process passports in a hurry because they can personally process passports at any US Passport Agency on your behalf. Not only do they have an expedited passport services, they also offer same day passport services, what more can you ask for? This is the most convenient way to get a passport. To find a reputable passport expediting company, visit our Registered Passport Expediters page.