Get Your Tanzania Visa The Right Way

Tanzania Visa

A visit to one of Africa’s cities is a must when you drop by the country, your adventure is never complete without visiting the amazing Serengeti safari or the Zanzibar retreat. However, to be able to do this, you have to be issued a Tanzania visa.

Tanzania Passport Requirements

  • Must be valid
  • Must be valid for 6 months more after your trip ends
  • Must have at least two blank visas page

Tanzania Visa Types

  • Tourist Visa: for those who plan to go on safari, sightsee or just enjoy a leisure trip
  • Business Visa: the purposes of the trip includes conferences, meetings, site visits, commercial purposes (including film crew and production)
  • “Other Business”: for Humanitarian and missionary purposes

US citizens would usually be granted with a one year valid, multiple entry visa but if your current passport is near its expiration, then your visa may be issued with shorter validity.

Tanzania Visa – Arrival

Your two options for visa application if you are travelling as a tourist are:

  • Apply in advance (Consular visa)
  • Apply upon arrival

You will need:

  • Valid passport with one page blank
  • $100 bill (must be in US dollar)
  • Roundtrip ticket with proof
  • Proof that you have enough funds during your stay

**These are for tourists only, if otherwise, advanced application is required at the Embassy or at the Permanent Mission of Tanzania.

Tanzania Consular Visas

Another way you can get your visa is by applying in Washington, DC at the Embassy of Tanzania or in New York City at the Permanent Mission of Tanzania. The country of Tanzania doesn’t practice consular jurisdiction, unlike other countries, so you will be able to apply for the visa anywhere regardless of your state residence.

Tanzania Visas For Volunteer Trips

Tanzania VisaTanzania government is strict when it comes to allowing volunteers perform activities using your tourist visa. Tours that includes volunteer work is not accepted by the government, especially if you are holding a tourist visa, you have to secure visa  for “Other Business” if you plan to pursue volunteer work in Tanzania. Also, you have to present you plan and the description of the volunteer activity upon application to the Embassy or to Permanent Mission of Tanzania.

For long-term volunteer work, a different visa is required which is the residence permit Class “C” which should be arranged within Tanzania. The organization you work with would be able to arrange this for you.

Tanzania Travel and East Africa Tourist Visas

The Visa for East Africa Tourist allows tourists to have a 90 day multiple entries between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Tanzania was included in the visa but the government decided to withdraw, therefore, you cannot visit Tanzania if you are holding an East Africa Tourist Visa.

Is A Vaccination Needed To Get A Tanzania Visa?

If you will be flying directly from Europe or the United States, you are not required to have yourself vaccinated from Yellow Fever, however, if you came from a country or have traveled through areas with cases of Yellow Fever, usually you could be asked to present a vaccination certificate upon arrival.