How To Get A Russian Visa

Russian Visa

Invitations To Visit Russia

Russia has a very strict visa requirement for US citizens, before you are issued with a visa, you have to abide by the conditions given, aside from a valid passport with six months validity after the end of your trip to Russia, you must have an invitation as well.

There are three main categories for a Russian visa: tourist visa, business visa and homestay visas.

  • The homestay visas are issued to people who have an invitation from family and friends for a visit and will not stay in a hotel. The invitations must be requested by your host in a local government office in Russia.
  • Travels for the purpose of meetings, conferences or site visits warrant a person to secure a business visa. This can be issued for single entry, double or multiple entry visas, which can be valid for up to 30 days.
  • Those business visas that are valid for up to one year requires your business contact to go to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and must obtain a special invitation for you.
  • US citizens can obtain a business visa that will be valid for three years, but this requires your business contact to write a letter of invitation and include specific details.
  • The most common visa is the tourist visa that can be for single or double entry and a maximum of 30 days validity. The hotel or tour operator must present an invitation.
  • US citizens can also apply for a multiple entry 3 year valid visa.

Russian Visa Application

The Russian visa application can be found and filled-out online, printed, signed and is submitted with your passport.

The screening for visa application is strict and wrong entry in your application form subjects your application for revocation and non-refundable of the application fee.

Where To Apply For Your Russian Visa

You no longer have to go to the Russian Embassy to apply for a visa, the embassy and the consulates outsourced the acceptance of applications to Invisa Logistics Services, where you will submit your application for the Russian visa.

Invisa Logistics Services will review your application (just like Passport Agents) and collect the fees that need to be paid, after paying, your application is sent to the Consulate for processing. Upon release, you will pick it up at the Invisa office.

The Invisa Logistics Services is different from a visa expediting service. A visa expediting service hand carries your application to Invisa for you, they will assist, guide and follow-up your application. On the other hand, the Invisa office only collects, reviews and releases Russian visas, there is no guidance and assistance.

Using Your Russian Visa

Russian VisaThere are specific dates to be followed on your Russian Visa, these dates are determined by your invitation and will be printed in your visa. Compared to other countries wherein you can already enter their country as long as you already have your visa, Russia do not allow visa holders to enter the country before the date that can be found in the visa.

Russia is as strict in implementing your entry date in making sure of your departure date, you must exit the country on or before the printed date on your visa. You have to get out of the country before your visa expires because they do not grant extensions. Not being able to leave the country before your visa expires can have you detained and pay a large amount before going back home.