FAQ – Lost Passport

Lost US Passport

Will my old passport number be put in the renewal passport?

A new passport comes with a new number, the number hasn’t been used before.

How long is the validity of the new passport?

When you get your new passport it is available for a whole 10 years, but if you are 16 and below the passport validity is only up to 5 years.

I need to travel right now but I lost my expired passport. Does it matter that it’s lost?

Yes, because you are required to submit your old passport when you are getting a renewal, but if you lost it and it can’t be found you have to go through the lost passport procedure here.

If I’ve found my lost passport but I’ve already had it replaced, what happens then?

If this happens, your old passport is now considered cancelled and you can no longer use it for travelling.  The State Department will cancel your lost passport as soon as you’ve filed th DS-64 Form. This is done so that if someone finds your passport they aren’t able to use it.

What if I lose my passport while travelling overseas?

To have your lost passport replace, you would need to go to the US consulate you are closest to. The requirements you would need will be the same as the lost passport replacement.