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Lost Passport
Lost Passport
Lost Passport
Lost Passport Found Please Report It

Lost passports can be replaced; first make sure it is lost, not misplaced, to save you the hassle of application. For cases wherein you already reported it to in lost and is already on the process of replacement, it is no longer valid because it has been canceled for travel. If you did not submit a DS-64 online or by hand it’s imperative you search everywhere for your passport to prevent a case of identity theft. A lost passport can be very stressful especially if an international trip is coming near.

Not to worry! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to replace a lost passport

Eligibility – Lost Passport

A lost passport can be replaced once you have re-established you US citizenship with an original or certified copy of a birth certificate.  You can also use a previous passport . Also helpful if you know your passport number, date of issuance of the passport and the expiration date of the lost passport. (It is recommended to always have a photocopy of your current passport)

Guide to Replace Lost Passport

  1. Prepare all requirements
  1. Agent for Passport Acceptance

A Passport Acceptance Agent should have your application sealed in an envelope officially, you can find one at main branch US Post Offices as well as at offices of Clerk of the Court.

  1. Your passport replacement application should be processed in one of the three ways:

Via mail – your envelope will be sent already by the Passport Acceptance Agent to the National Passport Center for processing.

Through a Passport Agency – for expedite new passport, major US cities have passport agencies where replacement passport can be processed on the site.

Through a Passport Expediting Company – a replacement for a lost passport can be processed by a passport expediting company for faster process. They will personally bring your application to the Passport Agency in your behalf.

How to Get a Replacement Passport Fast

Application for a replacement passport via mail can take up to 8 weeks, 2-3 weeks for expedited lost passport service by mail is available with an additional $60 government fee. A Passport Agency or a passport expediting company can get your replacement passport as fast as 24 hours.

26 major US cities have Passport Agencies but you have to call the National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778 for an appointment. A passport expediting company will make your replacement application faster and easier.