Name Change Application Form DS-5504

Name Change Application Form

The government form you should complete when applying for a name change on a passport issued less than one year ago is called the DS-5504.  This is a similar form that is used for corrections to passports that have printing errors.  This is a two page form with a space for your photo and signature on the first page.  In accomplishing this form for a passport renewal, you should include the following information:

  • Your current legal name, as recorded on your legal name change document (marriage certificate, court order, etc.)
  • Your residential address
  • Your height, hair color, and eye color
  • Your Social Security Number
  • The number and issue date of your current passport
  • At least one contact number – home, work, or mobile number
  • Some other legal names you have already used, such as, maiden names or past marriage names
  • Your legal name, as recorded as your current passport
  • The name and address of somebody who can be contacted if there are emergencies

Take note – If you need to change the name on the passport issued over one year ago, you need to go through the passport renewal process and fill out Form DS-82.  See our Passport Renewal Application page for more data.

Document Checklist – Requirements for Name Change Application Form DS-5504

  • Passport Name Change Application Form DS-5504
  • Your current passport
  • One new passport photo – This must be an different photo than the one on your current passport
  • Flight itinerary or other verification of travel plans (only required if you require expedited service for passport name change)
  • Photocopy of your driver’s license or other state-issued ID (front and back)
  • Fees for Passport Name Change – If your passport was issued less than one year ago, there is no government fee unless you need expedited service ($60 government fee for expedited passport service for name change)
  • Confirmation of Name Change – present the first or a confirmed duplicate of the legal document showing your name change (court order, marriage certificate, or divorce decree)

How to Get a Passport Name Change Fast

Processing times for passport name change applications are: