Non-Visa Requiring Countries

Visa free Countries

When you get your US Passport, you are holding the most powerful travel document.  With your valid US Passport, you can visit approximately 145 countries either without a visa or by effectively getting a visa before entry.  The most prominent destination countries that permit US citizens to enter without a visa are below.

In case you are traveling to a country that requires a visa or if you have inquiries regarding visa requirements, contact a knowledgeable visa service.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – allows US citizens to enter without a visa for tourists, business, or social visits of under 90 days.  However, tourists who plan to do charity or volunteer work, and those who plan to get married in Great Britain, must get visas ahead of time.


All US citizens need to enter the Bahamas with a valid US Passport!  If arriving by air, you should have a passport book with no less than two clear pages marked visas.  If you are cruising on a “closed circle” travel begins and ends at a US port, you can utilize either a passport book or passport card, although passport books are suggested.


If your US Passport is valid for greater than 90 days from when you enter Taiwan, you’ll be granted a visa-free stay for 90 days. However,  if your US Passport expires in less than 90 days, you will be permitted to remain in Taiwan for the exact length of the validity of your passport.


No visa is required for US citizens entering Canada.  Check our guide for complete details on required travel documents for Canada.


Switzerland grants visa-free stays of up to 90 days to US citizens.  Travelers must have a valid passport for no less than three months past the end of the trip, a confirmed return ticket, and sufficient funds for their stay.

Visa free Countries


If you visited France in the late 1980’s, you needed a visa, but this was a temporary measure that has since been relinquished.  US citizens traveling to France for tourism, business, or as flight crew can stay up to 90 days without a visa.


US citizens may visit Spain for up to 90 days in any six months period without a visa.  Passports must have two clear visa pages and be valid for no less than three months past the planned return to the US.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an unusual case, as it is a part of China, which requires a visa for US citizens, but Hong Kong itself does not.  Hong Kong is a Special Administrative District of China with its own set of entry requirements.  US citizens do not need visas for a stay of up to 90 days, just a US passport valid for no less than one month past the end visit.

South Korea

South Korea permits US citizens to visit for up to 90 days without a visa.  US citizens who are ethnically Korean, regardless of whether they were conceived in Korea or the US, may also qualify for residence status.


The Republic of Ireland permits US travelers to remain for up to 90 days without a visa.  Tourists should show documentations clearing the nature of their visit, for example, hotel reservations or a letter of invitation from a business contact or private host.


The Netherlands is a piece of the Schengen Agreement, which is a typical visa approach held by various European countries.  US citizens do not need visas to enter the Netherland for stays up to 90 days.  A passport valid for no less than 3 months past the stay in Europe is required.


Italy requires just that US citizens have a passport valid for no less than three months past the end of the trip, with two clear pages marked “Visas”.  Tourists can stay for up to 90 days without a visa.


Mexico is the #1 worldwide destination for US citizens.  Visas are not required, but rather travelers who will remain for one week or more should buy a visitor card for approximately $20.


If you have a valid US passport with one clear page, that is all you need to enter Jamaica.  Travelers entering via ocean may utilize a visa book or passport card.  No visas are required for US citizens.


Japan permits visa-free stays for up to 90 days to US citizens going for business or tourism.  Travelers must have a valid passport and a confirmed return ticket.