Passport Applications

Passport Applications

There are different kinds of forms for passport applications, depending on the circumstances of your request. Applicants have the option to complete a passport form online or download the application form and complete it by hand. It’s crucial all applicants complete the passport application to the best of their knowledge and fill in all required fields. Many passport rejections are due to application errors. Information regarding the different forms is provided below.

DS-11 (Application for New Passport)

  • New Passport application for first-time applicants
  • Renewal for passports that have expired for more than 15 years, application for new passport is already required
  • Minor passports for age 15 and below
  • Lost passport replacement
  • Stolen passport replacement
  • Damaged passport replacement

DS-82 (Application for Passport Renewal)

  • Renewal for passports that were issued less than 15 years
  • Second passports
  • Second passport renewal
  • Passports issued more than a year but have name changes

DS-5504 (Application for Passport Name Change or Correction)

  • Passports issued more than a year but have name changes
  • Printing errors or wrong personal details in issued passports that need to be corrected
  • For extending validity of temporary passports (one year or less validity)

DS-3053 (Statement of Consent)

  • For minor passport application (15 years old or younger) when one parent cannot accompany the child to the Passport Acceptance Facility to confirm consent on the application of passport

DS-64 (Statement on Lost or Stolen Passport)

  • Lost passport replacement, to report the loss of your passport
  • Stolen passport replacement, to report the theft of passport

DS-10 Birth Affidavit