Passport Books

Passport Books

There are different kinds of passport books issued to US citizens depending on the circumstances. Read on and find out the different varieties of passport books and their purposes.

Blue Cover (Personal Passport Books)

This is the kind of passport book that is issued to the majority of US citizens, also known as the “ordinary passports”, “regular passports” or “tourist passports”. The main purpose of this kind is for traveling regardless of reasons (leisure, business, flight crew travel, for employment or education travel purposes) except for travels concerning the government of US. You can apply at US Passport Agencies for personal passports.

Brown Cover (Official Passport)

This is issued to US citizens who are going to travel for government purposes such as military duty, employees, and contractors on government business trips. The Special Issuance Agency of the Washington Passport Agency in Washington D.C. is the only office that issues this kind of passport.

US Government employees can only use the Official Passport when traveling overseas for official business related to the government when traveling for leisure or other reasons, a Personal Passport is still required.

Black Passport (Diplomatic Passport)

This is the passport issued to US government employees working outside the country or who are required to travel frequently for State Department purposes. Just like the Official Passport, Diplomatic Passports are only issued at the Special Issuance Agency of the Washington Passport Agency in Washington D.C.

Travel Documents for Non-Citizen: Refugee Travel Document, , Advance Parole Travel Document and Re-Entry Permit

The above-mentioned documents are issued by the US CIS or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to non-US citizens that are legally living in the country. This is not considered as a citizenship document but functions and looks the same as Personal Passports (for identification and travel purposes). Non-citizen travel documents are issued to those who cannot get passports from their country of origin and can be used to enter foreign countries, obtain visas and are warranted to go back to the US legally.