Passport Card FAQ

Passport Card

Until when is my passport card valid?

If you’re 16 and above you get 10 years validity, if you’re under 15, you get 5 years.

Will my passport book and passport card have a completely different number?

Yes, a passport book and a passport card will have different numbers.

If my passport book has 6 years left before it expires, and if I go put in an application for a passport now, would they have have different dates to expire?

Yes, you will be given 10 years of validity.

People say that passport cards are some kind of “Real ID”. What do we need a “Real ID”, what is it?

A Real ID is to set federal standards for identification documents. When entering a federal building like a courthouse, you need to have your Real ID.

Children are recommended passport cards. Why?

When children can’t be given a driver’s license yet, the passport card is a good form of card-sized official identification. Families who travel a lot find this useful – they say that they go through security faster than families who don’t have identification for their children.

What should I do when I lose my passport card or when it gets stolen?

Report the loss of your passport card by calling 877-487-2778 or you can fill out the lost passport report Form DS-64 and mail this to the address on the form. Also, if you’ve lost your passport book, go and see our Stolen Passport or Lost Passport pages for details on getting the replacement of your passport.


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