FAQ – Passport for Minors

Minor Passport

Does my baby need a child passport even if he/she is less than one year old?

Yes, US law requires all individuals traveling internationally including Mexico and Canada to have a passport regardless of age.

For minors, what are the photo requirements for a passport?

The photo you should submit for your child’s passport should be printed on high quality on photo paper and should be in the 2×2 size. The background should be white. They can’t wear a hat, a headband or a hair bow. No other things or people should be in the photo like a parent, a pacifier or even a bottle. The child must have their eyes open and be looking at the camera.

How can we take a passport photo if my baby can’t sit up by themself?

You can lie your baby down in a white blanket and take his/her picture looking down at him/her.  Additionally, you can have the child sit on the parent’s shoulders. Remember to not include any parts of the parent in the photo, as this should solely be a headshot.

Does it change anything if I am the only legal parent of my child?

If only one parent’s name is written in the birth certificate, that parent is the only one who can sign his/her passport and the only one who can accompany him/her to the Passport Acceptance Agent. If the child has no parent listed on the birth certificate but a legal guardian, you have to show proof of legal guardianship. If the child has a non-custodial parent instead of the parents written on the birth certificate, the non-custodial parent would still accompany the child to the Passport Acceptance Agent.

Where can I get a certified copy of the birth certificate of my child?

You can go online to Vitalchek.com or you can go to Vital Statistics Office in the state where your child was born.

Will I get my child’s old passport and his birth certificate back?

You will get the birth certificate and the previous passport but they might arrive in a different envelope as the new child passport.