Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

For US Citizens who had their names legally changed, there is a very long process because of the documents that needs to be updated with the new name. These changes include: Social Security Card, bank accounts, credit cards, driver’s license, other state-issued IDs and travel documents such as your passport. All of these documents mentioned must have a matching information, therefore, an application for name change must be done immediately.

Here is a comprehensive guide for name change in passport.

Passport Name Change – Eligibility

You are eligible to change if:

  • You are a US passport holder
  • Your name was legally changed (through marriage, divorce, adoption or court order)

**Not applicable to persons who wish to use an alias, pseudonym, nickname or abbreviated name.

How to Apply for a Passport Name Change

  1. Gather all requirements

Passport Name Change

  • New Passport Photo – must be different from you photo in previous passport
  • Front and back photocopy of driver’s license or any ID issued by the state to prove identity
  • For expedited damaged passport application, proof of travel plans is needed with date of departure indicated
  • Name change proof – original or certified copy of the legal document reflecting name change (marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order)
  • Fees for passport name change – regular fees apply if previous passport was issued for more than a year; Make your check for $110 ($170 if you need expedited passport service for your name change) payable to “US Department of State.” for less than a year, no fees are needed except for expedited passports with $60 government fee

Have your passport processed in one of the following ways:

  1. Via mail – this is the standard process wherein the sealed envelope will be sent by the Passport Acceptance Agent to the National Passport Center for processing.
  2. Through a Passport Agency – for expedite damaged passport replacement, major US cities have passport agencies where new passport can be processed on-site personally
  3. Through a Passport Expediting Company – another way to expedite a  damaged passport replacement is to send the sealed envelope to a passport expediting company that is trustworthy and they will personally bring the application to a Passport Agency for faster processing in your behalf.

How Long Does it Take to Apply for a Passport Name Change

It can take up to 8 weeks for the standard regular passport process by mail but only 2-3 weeks for expedited passport name change.

For a faster process in you application for name change, you can choose to personally process it to a Passport Agency or have it done by a passport expediting company who can process it for as fast as 24 hours only.

passport expediting company saves you the trouble of processing your replacement passport personally such as long lines. There are 26 offices in the country that have Passport Agencies but you have to call the National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778 for an appointment.