Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements are the most important items to follow when planning to apply for a passport but you are not sure of the process and the requirements? There are special requirements for certain cases of applicants for US passports. You can check other links in this page to see the different requirements depending on the circumstance of the applicant. However, there are standard documents that are required regardless of the applicant’s status. Below is the list of the standard documents needed for all kinds of application.

All documents must be submitted in original form unless stated otherwise. Documents that require signatures such as application forms must be signed using a black or blue ink only.

U.S. Passport Requirements

  • US Citizenship proof – previously issued passport, birth certificate or US naturalization certificate
  • Identity Proof – a strong identification document is a valid driver’s license
  • Passport Application – this must be duly accomplished, printed and signed
  • Passport photo – usually, only one is required and must have a white background and meet other specifications for passport application
  • Payment for government fee – payments can be done through money order or checks made payable to the US Department of State
  • Travel proof or itinerary – required especially if the application is expedited, must show why the application process is rushed.

When you need to apply for a passport it’s imperative you have your documents in order. If you are missing the main passport requirements your passport application can potentially be delayed or even denied. This can result in a missed trip. Please visit our questions and answers forum should you require more community support on this topic.