Proof of Citizenship

Proof of Citizenship

Proof of CitizenshipProof of citizenship is required by all US passport services. Most applicants are able to submit documents such as U.S. birth certificate or a US passport previously issued. But if you haven’t got the primary documents required to prove citizenship, here is the list of secondary documents you can use as evidence of US citizenship.

Primary Proof of US Citizenship

Here is the accepted primary proof documents of US citizenship, only one is needed for application:

  • Birth Certificate – applicant should be born in the US. The certified copy or original of the long-form with the names of your parents, issued in the municipality of your birth, this can be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics in your area. Birth certificates issued by the hospital are not accepted.
  • Latest US Passport – Expired and valid passports can be used. However, if your physical appearance changed significantly, you probably need to present a proof of citizenship.
  • Naturalization Certificate for US  Citizens – Certified or original copy
  • (Form FS-240) Consular Record of Birth Abroad or (Form DS- 1350) Certification of Report of Birth – for applicants born overseas by a US parent Passport Agency.

Secondary Proof of US Citizenship

If you do not have at least one of the above mentioned documents but you were US born, here are the secondary documents you can present.

  • Letter of No Record (with early public records) – this is a document issued by your state that contains info such as your name and date of birth as well as certifies that records were already searched but the birth certificate was not found. This, along with evidences of early public records coming from your the five years of your life must be submitted:
    • Birth certificate issued by the hospital
    • Early religious records: Family bible record, baptismal certificate, or other
    • Doctor’s pediatric care records
    • School records
  • (Form DS-10) Birth Affidavit notarized and completed by a blood relative who is older or medical professionals who were there on your birth.
  • Foreign Birth Certificate (with Evidence of Parent(s) US Citizenship)– for applicants born in another country to a US parent(s) who haven’t got a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or a Certification of Report of Birth, the following may be submitted:
    • Your birth certificate – foreign (along with a certified English translation)
    • Primary citizenship evidence for US citizen parent(s)
    • Marriage certificate of parents
    • Written statement coming from the parents to specify residential addresses they have in the US as well as abroad at the times before and even after you were born.