Proof of Travel

International Travel Plans

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Proof of Travel
Travel Plans

To be able to rush a passport application, you need to present proof why you need it fast. You have to show your flight details specifically your departure date not later than 2 weeks with your complete name on it. So in essence, you need to have legitimate travel plans

Below are valid travel plan proof accepted when applying for an expedited passport:

  • Electronic ticket or confirmation through email from the airline
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Cruise line tickets
  • Your airline reservation
  • Your reservation in an (online) travel agency
  • Driving itinerary
    • If you are driving to Canada or Mexico you can go with an invitation or a hotel confirmation. If you are staying with family an email or letter outlining the details of your travel plans.

Business Letter

A letter from your company containing a letterhead signed by your employer explaining why you need the passport immediately must be submitted. This letter must have full details and the reason why you are submitting a business letter in lieu of confirmed travel plans. Usually the company wants to get the passport on time first prior to making the international booking.


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