Registered Passport Expeditors

  • Passport ExpeditorsIf you are in need of a passport in a short time, you should consider application through registered passports expeditors. Numerous companies in the United States offer this kind of services; they are authorized and approved by the government to perform such services wherein they will personally process your passports and visas on your behalf.

How to Choose a Passport Expeditor

When looking for a passport expeditor company, consider the following:

  • Full range passport services – there are uncommon services such as passport corrections or second passports, a company should still offer services like these as these issues shows expertise and deeper knowledge in the rules of expediting
  • Customer service is excellent – how enthusiastic do they answer questions?
  • Must be registered with the US State Department
  • Has been in the industry for years
  • Must have good reviews in social media and news outlets

Top Recommendations for passport expeditors

Fastport Passport is a passport and visa expediting company. Registered with the U.S. Department of State, Fastport Passport has been securing U.S. Passports for American travelers for over ten years. We have a success rate of 99.9%, quickly and safely securing over 100 passports a day. With over a decade of experience, Fastport Passport has become one of the most trusted sources for fast passport and visa service. If you need a passport in two weeks or less, or as fast as 24 hours, then Fastport Passport is the team to help you.

Based in Manhattan, New York, Fastport Passport provides service to American travelers around the country. We expedite all passport applications for all 50 states. Because we are a registered courier service with the U.S. State Department, we are able to expedite the passport process faster than any other service. You no longer have to wait 4-6 weeks for the Post Office or get stuck on confusing paperwork. We are able to help you with any questions you may have. With our chat, email, and phone support, we are always ready to help you get your passport fast.

New passport, passport renewal, child passport, lost or stolen replacement passport, add visa pages, and more. All in two weeks or less, as fast as 24 hours.

Other Recommended Passport Service Expeditors

  • G3 Global Services – they have 8 branches in the country and has more than 20 years experience in the industry of handling group and individual passport expediting services
  • RushMyPassport – they have offices in Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco and are one of the leaders in passport expediting. They have been in business for over 11 years.
  • Express Passport – one of the long-established companies in the US

How much do passport expeditors charge for service?

Passport expediting service charge anywhere from $99 up to $459 depending on the processing time selected. You will pay the most for the 24-hour turnaround. Remember if you are using an online passport expeditor there will be additional shipping charges with FedEx in the amount of $30 to $80 depending on location. There are also government processing fees to be paid separately from the passport expediting service.

How much are the Government Processing Fees?

  • New Passport Adult (Age 16 and above) $170.00
  • New Passport Child (Under Age 16) $140.00
  • Passport Renewal $170.00
  • Acceptance Agency Fee $35.00
  • Passport Card Adult/Minor $90.00/$75.00
  • File Search Fee $150.00

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