How to Renew a US Passport

Renew US Passports

Step by step, we’ll show you how to renew your about to expire or already expired passport.  By following these 3 simple steps, you can get your passport renewed. This includes eligibility, gathering required documents, completing passport applications, submitting information related to your passport renewal fee and your application.

Do You Need To Renew Your Passport?

Renew US PassportsReplacing your US passport has many reasons. They may include when your passport is about to lose its validity, when your name has legally changed, when your appearance has changed dramatically, if your passport has expired in the last 5 years, when your passport has ran out of empty visa pages, or even if its pages are curled or curved. You are allowed to renew your passport if it was issued within the last 15 years, and you must have been 16 and above when issued.

Step To Get Your Passport Renewed

1. Complete Passport Application Form DS-82

First, fill/complete your application online on, print and sign it.

2. Gather all supporting documents

Your current US passport, 1 passport photo (2×2 inches, or 51mm x 51mm in size), flight itinerary or other evidence of travel plans (for expedited passport renewal), passport renewal fee-the check will be $110 ($170 for expedited passport renewals), this is made payable to the  “US Department of State), filled passport renewal application form (DS-82), photocopy of your ID (front and back), proof of name change (if you’ve legally changed your name).

3. Submit your application

For routine service, mail your application package to the National Passport Center. It will be processed in 6-8 weeks, but if you pay for expedited processing it will be processed within 2 weeks. If you have an urgent departure, you can submit your application at one of the US Passport Agencies located in major cities by making an appointment. You can also send your application to a Passport Expediting Company for processing it in 24-48 hours.

Passport Renewal Fee

$110 for routine service and $170 for expedited passport renewal

Passport Renewed!

Your new passport will take between 24 hours to 8 weeks to be delivered to you depending on the application method used.