Second Passport

Second Passport

Second PassportAll people know that US citizens need to have a passport when traveling to a certain country, but, not all are aware that one can have two passports at the same time. This is applicable for regular travelers who are in a rush and cannot secure a visa prior to their next trip or those cannot enter a country because of an Israel visa stamp in their passports. These type of passports are only valid for two years and are called as “two year passports” or “second valid passports”,

Eligibility for Second Passport

To be eligible to apply for a second passport, you must already have a valid US passport and one of the following:

*Two overseas trips, both requiring visa


*You have an Israel visa stamp on your passport and will be denied entry in countries such as Iran and Syria

How to Apply For a Second Passport

  • Current valid passport – your “primary passport” with 10 years validity. The second passport must also be presented upon renewal
  • Application Form for Second Passport (DS-82)– completely filled out form at, printed and signed.
  • 1 passport photo that is different from your primary passport photo
  • Letter of request for second passport – must be addressed to the US State Department and must include the reasons why you need the second passport (check eligibility) and must be signed
  • Flight travel plans
  • Fee for second passport – check addresses to the US Department of State with a value of $110 (additional $60 for expedited services)

Your secondary passport can be processed in one of the following ways:

  1. Via mail – send your second passport application to the National Passport Center by mail
  2. Via Passport Agency – for expedited passport personal application , you can call the National Passport Information Center at 877-478-2778 for an appointment to the nearest US Passport Agency in your area.
  3. Via Passport Expediting Company – the fastest and most convenient way to apply foe a secondary passport is through a reputable Passport Expediting Company. They will check your application thoroughly and will make sure that your requirements are complete for a flawless process.They will also be the one to bring your application personally to a Passport Agency and regularly follow-up the update on your application.

How long does it take to process a Second Passport?

  1. Via mail – this is the regular process and can take up to 8 weeks
  2. Via expedited process – even with the additional $60 government fee, you will still wait for your second passport to be processed from 2-3 weeks and will come in by mail
  3. Via Passport Expediting Company – they may charge for extra or higher fees but they surely live up to their promise of delivering your passport fast, as fast as 24 hours even.