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New Passport FAQ

Why do some applications for new passports get rejected? Photos that don’t match the guidelines given. It has to have a white colored background, printed...

DS-11 Application Form for a New Passport

The government form you should accomplish when applying for a US passport is known as the DS-11.  This is a 2-page form with a...

Routine and Expedited Passport Fees

To process your US passport, there are fees that apply, these fees depend on what service is required, how fast the processing will last and...

Proof of Citizenship

Proof of citizenship is required by all US passport services. Most applicants are able to submit documents such as U.S. birth certificate or a...

New Passport

Are you in need of a passport for the first time? Do you plan on traveling soon? Then it’s about time to apply for...


Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

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Supplemental Forms

New US Passport

New Passport FAQ