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FAQ – Damaged Passport

Would I be given a new passport with 10 whole years of validity and would there be another number on my new passport or will...

FAQ – Adult Passport Renewal

When is the best time to renew my passport? Many countries don’t allow you to enter if your passport has less than 6 months of...

Passport Requirements for Cruises

Passport Requirements for US citizens for popular types of Cruises Cruising is an incredible get-away. From the minute you board all you need to do...

Passport Replacements

Replacing your passport generally occurs when you are running out of pages or validity.  Additionally, your passport may be lost or stolen even if...

FAQ – Stolen Passport

Would I still need to file a police report? In replacing your passport, you won’t need to report this to the police, but it is...

Proof of Citizenship

Proof of citizenship is required by all US passport services. Most applicants are able to submit documents such as U.S. birth certificate or a...

FAQ – Change or Correct a US Passport

Would I get a new passport or will the correction just be printed on the current passport? The passport correction or change will be issued...

Travel Visas

Most countries worldwide allow foreigners to enter their borders with a valid US Passport, while there are few countries who require a travel visa....

Passport Requirements for Popular Destinations

Sometimes, it can be hard to plan to travel if you are not sure of the things that you need such as documents required...

The “Six Month Rule”

– Is your Valid Passport Really Valid? Know about Six Month Rule to confirm your valid passport is really valid Most voyagers accept that their international...


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Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

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