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Tourist Visa

There are many countries a US citizen can visit without a visa.  However, below is a list of countries wherein a tourist visa is...

China Visa – The Definitive Guide

If you are a fan of Chinese culture or would love to achieve that bucket list trip to the Great Wall, then it is...

How To Get A Russian Visa

Invitations To Visit Russia Russia has a very strict visa requirement for US citizens, before you are issued with a visa, you have to abide...

Get Your Tanzania Visa The Right Way

A visit to one of Africa’s cities is a must when you drop by the country, your adventure is never complete without visiting the...

Indian Visas – The Ultimate Guide

Life is short and should be enjoyed by all means, especially by traveling the world and experience the rich cultures, see world class heritages...

Myanmar Visa – The Way to the Mandalay

Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and is also known as “Burma”. What You Need to Know Almost all countries are required to secure a visa...

Kenya Visas – The Ultimate Guide

If you are planning to have the ultimate African adventure, do not forget Kenya! Visit the top safari destination which is the Masai Mara...

Brazil Visa – What You Need To Know

  US territories no longer require US citizens to secure a visa when visiting, however, Brazil is not a territory that is why a visa...


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