There are many U.S. Passport Requirements people find passport processing hard and require a lot of hard work. That is why we are here to assist you in all your passport FAQs and queries. There is a lot of paperwork to obtain a US Passport, read on and find out what are the things you need to know about:

Information on U.S. Passport Requirements

With all the paper requirements and the process to go through, you can check out our section where it might help you and ease out your confusion in the application. We have a step-by-step guideline to assist you thoroughly.

Passport Applications

There are different types of application forms depending on what type of passport service you need. You can fill up the form online of offline, print it and sign prior to sending it out.

Passport Fee

There are different fees that you might need to pay for during your application, this can depend on your location and if you avail of the expediting services.

Passport Requirements

Here is a list of requirements depending on your application.

Proof of Identity

Regardless of your application type, you will always have to prove your identity by presenting valid identification cards such as driver’s license and the likes.

Proof of Citizenship

To be able to secure a US passport, you must be able to prove first that you are indeed a US citizen.

Flight Itinerary

Usually required when the expedited service is availed, a proof must be presented that you need your passport very fast.

Passport Photos

Passport applications can be easily rejected if you have the wrong passport photo or you did not follow the instructions made by the US Department State when taking passport photos

Government Fee Payment

Some companies required different modes of payment for the application, some accept check while other accept credit cards.