Washington Passport Agency

Washington Agency

The Washington Passport Agency is located in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC,. It provides fast services to US citizens who needs to leave in hurry or people who have life-or-death crisis that needs them to travel abroad. Travelers should make an arrangement ahead of time to present their application in person. 

Washington AgencyThe Washington Passport Agency is likewise home to the Special Issuance Agency. The Special Issuance Agency is the main international ID office in the United States that issues Diplomatic and Official travel permits. (See our Passport Books page for more data on these unique international IDs.) The Special Issuance Agency is not open to the overall population and does not issue Personal travel permits (standard/traveler identifications). Keeping in mind the end goal to visit the Special Issuance Agency to apply for a Diplomatic or Official government international ID, you should have a referral from a Federal Government organization or branch of the US Military.

Location, Public Transportation, and Parking

Physical Address:
600 19th Street, N.W.
First Floor, Sidewalk Level
Washington, DC 20006

Public Transportation:
The Washington Passport Agency is accessible by Metro subway. The closest Metro stops are Farragut North (Red Line) and Farragut West (Blue and Orange Lines).


Constrained metered road stopping is accessible close to the Washington Passport Agency. Paid parking structures are likewise found close-by on G St NW and 18th St NW.

Expedite your US passport in 24 hours

Making an Appointment at This Agency

Call 877-487-2778 to make an arrangement to visit the Washington Passport Agency. You should have confirmation that you are departing from a US city within 2 weeks (or 4 weeks in the event that you likewise need to secure a travel visa) keeping in mind the end goal to get an arrangement at this office.

Appointments are available during the following office hours:

                              Open                      Close
Monday               8:00AM               3:00PM

Tuesday               8:00AM               3:00PM

Wednesday         9:00AM               3:00PM

Thursday             8:00AM               3:00PM

Friday                  8:00AM               3:00PM

On the Day of Your Appointment, plan to arrive sooner than required as you will be required to participate in a security screening.

Bring your:
Appointment Confirmation Number

Valid identification

Completed passport application form and supporting documents

Means of payment – checkbook, cash, money, credit card order for the exact amount of your government fee

Check in at the Information Desk, receive a number, and then have a seat and wait for your number to be called.

Processing Times at This Location

Travelers with flights inside 8 business days or crucial crisis: the travel permit specialist will inform you when your finished visa will be prepared for pickup at the organization.

Every single other traveler: finished visas will be sent in around 8 business days.