Work Visa

Work Visa

Over 150 countries around the world permit US citizens to visit without getting a tourist or business visa.  In any case, you need to work in another country – even a country like Canada that permits US citizens to visit without visa – you should have a work visa.

Work visa, also known as business visa, is a type of residence visa.  A tourist visa or business visa permits you to remain for a brief span of time in the country, 30-90 days, however a residence visa permits you to live in a country for a longer period of time. Residence visas like work visas regularly permit you to remain for a year or more, and can normally be extended while you are still in the country.

Acquiring a Work Visa

You should apply for your work visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the country.  The requirements for work visas differ generally from country to country, and may likewise shift as indicated by your calling.  You can confirm the particular requirements by working with a visa expediting company or by reaching the Consulate.  Requirements for visa include:

  • Copies of any professional licenses.
  • Ensure you international passport is marked, has clear visa pages, and will be valid for not less than one year.
  • A copy of your diploma. If you hold multiple degrees, you may have to submit copies of all your school and post-graduate degrees.
  • Passport-style photographs. These photographs ought to be close to six months old, and ought to have a plain, light-shaded background.
  • Your resume.
  • Visa Application. There might be various applications required for your work visa.
  • Confirmation of your employment offer.

Wok VisaSome countries will require that your confirmations, authentications, or professional licenses must be authorized.  Document authorization or certification, is utilized on official documents like diplomas or birth certificates that will be utilized abroad.  This is a multi-step preparation that starts with having you documents legally approved, and may likewise include having your records confirmed by the Secretary of State of your state, the US Department of State, and the Embassy of your destination.

Visas for Spouses and Children

In case you’re moving to another country for work, you will likely need to take your spouse and children with you.   You’ll have the capacity to apply for visas for your dependents at the same time you apply for your work visa.  You should demonstrate the family relationship by submitting both marriage and birth certificates.

Do you need a Work Visa or a Business Visa?

In the event that you have a short-term work abroad, you might think about whether you have to get a work visa or a business visa.  Here are some questions to help you figure out what kind of visa you need.  If you need more help, contact a visa expediting service for help with your visa.

  • Will you be staying in the country for over 3 months? You will be probably required to get a work visa.
  • Will you be paid by a US employer for your journey? You’re required a business visa.  Regardless of the possibility that your US company has as agreement and will be paid by a foreign office, if you are still getting paid by your US company, you are required a business visa.
  • Do you have an employment contract from a foreign company? You are required a work visa.
  • Are you drawing a pay from a foreign company? You are required a work visa.